Your Rights To Privacy and Safety is intended to archive public information that may not last long on the net so personal data should not be made available via the archive. However in the circumstance that personal data does get released, please contact the team directly at [email protected] and provide a link and/or screenshot of your issue and we will try to take action as quickly as possible.

Message to Self Absorbed Billionaires and Politicians

808 Software Development Group and reserve the right to archive public actions relating to any political and/or social actions taken those who are presently serving, previously serving, or possibly serving in positions of power. This is done for accountability of those individuals. If 808 Software Development Group or are forced to remove content that is considered to be of public interest a "REDACTION DEMANDED" banner will be placed in place of the data that was removed so as to ensure that the public is aware of the action being made. 808 Software Development Group and will follow all laws and regulations regarding Online Privacy in regards to public figures but will not tolerate abuses of power.

We (808 SDG and do not condone any kind of violence or harrassment towards any people (Unless it's hitler).

Notice: The "REDACTION DEMANDED" banner does not apply to data that includes private details.