About Lillith.io

As the world becomes more and more connected to the internet, we are seeing more and more important things going on around us. From political figures to mere celebrities, everyone is now using this medium to further their agendas and ideas. This data needs to be recorded indepth for future generations to look back on and learn from. While there are many projects out there right now, Lillith intends on creating a historical record that has all the information one could possibly want.

The Future

We are currently looking into making this publicly contributable and open-source, there are a few kinks and bugs that need patching but overall, we are doing what we can to make this a thing.

Here's a list of what we want to do.
  • Make a relationship model so that related topics can be easier to find
  • Create an addon or engine for direct contribution from the web
  • Make hosting and sharing data safe for users and contributors