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authors Seigedsec
contents Integral server information and files / sensitive server documents
filename uq80rq.zip
mirror_1 https://files.catbox.moe/uq80rq.zip
attached_notes #OpIsrael returnz!!!

in our first Operation Israel run, we breached two major Israeli telecommunication companies, Bezeq and Cellcom, as well as shut down industrial control systems.
in this next run of #OpIsrael, we targeted various important companies in Israel; manufacturing and security companies ^-^

"Israel, more like Isacunt" -Minoa

here we present the targets affected by this hack:
Raam Security Group - provides security, guarding, perimeter protection, and more to Israel.
Sharfstein Food Technologies - Israel's leading importer, manufacturer & distributor of food machinery and equipment.

this breach contains sensitive internal files from their servers, enjoy!

vio%SiegedSec:~/.ops/OpIsrael/raamsecurity# ./exp.sh -h 82.X.X.X --file /etc/shadow
#OpIsrael SiegedSec

nobody:*:14392:0:99999:7::: ntp:!!:14392:0:99999:7:::
rpm:!!:14392:0:99999:7::: pcap:!!:14392:0:99999:7:::
[email protected]:-h.WwlV8JuGifIFeK0:19165:0:99999:7:::
vio%SiegedSec:~/.ops/OpIsrael/raamsecurity# # gay furries attack Israel, again! :3

LEAK: https://t.me/SiegedSecurity

remember to treat the web like a real life video game! one with intense pvp and the admins are corrupt (trying to relate to the youth rn)
this is a small leak, but we have more Israel attacks coming soon, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what we're working on~
operation_name OpIsrael
lillith_data_integrity passed

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